ARK’s success is measured by achieved results and lessons learned, through regular evaluations of all aspects of our activities as we use that information to make necessary adjustments.  

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96%   score


In the past 15 years, ARK has supported more than 15,000 children to receive their high school certificates, higher education and other specialized career training. Our support has enabled our sponsored students to obtain good paying jobs and or start thriving businesses. In turn our students have the means to support their own families and escape generational poverty.

ARK has partnered with 28 schools from the nursery to high school levels, to provide direct support across East Africa. Through these partnerships, we impact the lives of 5,000 sponsored children each year.

Takes away the hardest job

“As a 75-year grandma caring for 4 school-age grandchildren, I constantly worry about money for school fees and barely have what I need for daily upkeep. I find it hard to navigate the school system on my own.

I can’t be happier that ARK volunteers helped me with the hard parts – from searching for schools and negotiating the cost of school fees to monitoring my grandchildren’s performance and attendance. I am so thankful!”  Stephano Akai, Turkana, Kenya

Benefits of Education

ARK partners and volunteers serve over 25 communities across East Africa, providing support tailored to each family’s unique needs. 

“I got a call saying I could join “Teens Against AIDS Youth Camp”. Honestly, I didn’t remember signing up for the camp. Four months later I came in. I met new good friends, who encouraged me and taught me tactics on how to focus, and not to give up on life. I can honestly say that I would not have taken my final high school national exams or gone to college if it wasn’t for the friends I met at the Teens Against AIDS Youth Camp.” —-Mercy

While she was initially hesitant about the Youth Camp, Mercy quickly flourished when she became a member and an active volunteer in the program. Her grades improved and she completed high school with a full college scholarship.

 She is a shining example of the effectiveness of a dedicated and constant mentorship.

Effectiveness of Mentorship Training

ARK-trained mentors work as big sisters and brothers to help guide each child towards academic and life success. A mentor may support up to five students by building lifelong friendships in support of sponsored families. Students from some of our families have become lawyers, architects, teachers, and nurses, and entrepreneurs in the service of contributing positively to their families, communities, and nations.