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The Holiday Season Mission team leaves US on Tuesday, December 27th and return Monday, January 21st, 2019. The team will be working on projects in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  

Volunteers will share their expertise in the following areas:

  1. Participate in workshops designed to strengthen ARK local school administrators;
  2. Update computer software and installation in select ARK schools;
  3. Provide hands-on support to select ARK adopted grandmothers;
  4. Participate in general maintenance and staff support at various ARK facilities.

Why should you volunteer during End of Year Holiday Season?

The end of Year Holiday Season is a special short-term volunteer that gives participants opportunity to travel with others to share your skills in direct hands-on projects that make an immediate impact in the lives of local people. It's a unique opportunity to work side by side with our local staff and volunteers who are eager to benefit from your time. While the trip may last a short time, but it allows you to enjoy new experiences, network with fellow volunteers, pick up new skills and meet new people in the community where you work. When you return home, you are relaxed with many stories to share.

To request a Holiday Mission Trip application, please send email to: administration@arkafrica.org.